All Saints Episcopal School Newsletter

All Saints Episcopal School asked if I would review their current newsletter and provide a new creative direction with naming, masthead and feature applications. The rationale presented was to start treating the newsletter more like an actual publication to reflect the prestige of the school while also propelling it forward with a fresh, traditional yet modern look.

The first challenge was to rename the publication. The original in my opinion was long winded and if this was indeed to going to be a publication about the students and staff, why not call them simply "Saints"? The school logo incorporates a fleur de lis and I pulled the element from that to bridge the gap between their established identity and with the direction of this updated publication and incorporated it with an edited Saints typeset.

With the layout - simple, less clutter, get to the facts and highlight callouts that truly feature staff and students. As with my standard practice, I try to only use 2 typefaces to establish a publication, leaving features open depending on their subject matter.