First in Texas
Client: Cockrell Enovation
Fort Worth, TX

Spread design for Cockrell Enovation's "Firsts in Texas" design series showcasing the first large format digital printer in North Texas. DFW area designers were commissioned to design their own spread utilizing the new capabilities of the digital printer which can print inline many PMS colors as well as double and triple bump colors.

I chose NASA, since the space organization is based here in Houston and who could ever forget those first few sentences spoken from the moon from Astronaut, Neil Armstrong. Technically, "Houston" was not the first word on the moon but it was the first city to be mentioned. For this design, I chose to focus on the viewpoint of the moon from the command module porthole looking down at the exact region where the words were first mentioned.

The color scheme uses basic NASA colors from the side of the Saturn V rocket that took our nation to the moon with exact PMS colors. The moon was converted to a 3D image and glasses were affixed to the page to view the moon giving the viewer a sense of actually looking down.

Featured in Graphis Design Annual 2018.

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