LUV Flying

Client: Southwest Airlines Pilots' Association

Branding the pilots of Southwest Airlines has definitely been one of the more challenging tasks I have taken on to date. These two ads appear in our iPad publication, Range, that feature the nutty and the skillfull side of pilots. Southwest is known for their quirky and hip humor and every employee reflects that — even the pilots. But, when it comes down to performing the job - it's done well with the customer always in mind.

In this day and age of constant gratification of technology, we tend to forget the people behind the product. Not only are flight attendants a first line of communication, safety and service on board, but a lot of times we only hear the captains voice without seeing him when there are two skillfully trained people piloting the plane in front behind the closed door who fly us in a huge piece of flying metal full of hundreds of gallons of gasoline, wires, gears, levers, switches and buttons that may need attention and skill at a moments notice. And for all of that to work together, along with the many maintenance and ground crews, they are what gets us, the general public, from point A to B everyday when we fly.

Design/Layout/Copy - Troy Myatt
Editor - Neal Hanks


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