A Break In The Battle

A Break In The Battle
Client: Salim Nourallah and Palo Santo Records

Design direction and photography for the album "A Break in the Battle," the new acoustic record of covers from Salim Nourallah, Chris Holt & Paul Averitt.

The helmet was found in Abilene, TX at a Army Depot that had burned down. Upon seeing the helmet I knew this was the cover for the album. No photoshop could create the textures the helmet had produced from hundreds of degrees of fire that it had survived. The retro Sony headphones were purchased online. The tubing on the set were "cartelized" which added to the texture of the helmet.

The series of photos were shot at Tamarack Studios with a Sony A6 camera. The only alterations done on this piece were exposure and contrast. The remaining elements used throughout the album art were taking chain ammo and converting it to headphone jack bullets and incorporating an old Army radio into the mix.

Special thanks to Jeff Salmon for the helmet