Bran Ferren Cover Design

Lights Magazine Cover Direction
Client: Corporate Magic, Inc.

For the 2nd issue of Lights Magazine, our feature story was on Bran Ferren. I decided to use Bran's iconic face and beard through an original illustration created by Ricardo Martinez Ortega that captured the classical essence of how Bran was inspired by a visit to the Pantheon as a child. The Pantheon's intricate architecture is used as a helmet which then separates through the scroll action to reveal gears of ideas at work.

The direction video shows glimpses of how the idea for the cover initially started out which involved extensive rendering and programming that all interacted through a scroll motion. Now that Westworld has become popular again, I had always really liked the original illustrated poster that showed the separation of the face to reveal the inner workings beneath of Yul Brynner's Gunslinger character. Having to scale down from this heavy tech concept resulted in a classic cover which went on to win two 2016 SPD Awards and several National Addy Awards.

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