• Fort Worth Addys 5 Gold Awards (Campaign) – 2004

• WPA Maggie Awards: Best Magazine Redesign (Print)

• DSVC Dallas Show: Best In Show (Digital)
• DSVC Dallas Show: Silver (Illustration)
• Print Magazine Regional Design Award: (Digital)
• AIGA Texas Show: Best in Show (Digital)
• WPA Maggie Awards: 1 Gold (Digital)

• Dallas Addys: 9 Golds + Best In Show (Digital)
• National Addy Awards: 2 Silver (Digital)
• WPA Maggie Awrds: 2 Golds (Digital)
• Addys 10th District: 1 Gold + Judges Choice (Digital)

• DSVC Dallas Show: 1 Gold + Best In Show (Digital)
• Dallas Addys: 8 Golds/Best In Show/Judges Choice (Digital)
• Addys 10th District: 4 Golds (Digital)
• National Addy Awards – Silver (Illustration)
• SPD Awards: 1 Gold + 1 Silver (Digital)



“I have enjoyed the pleasure, and honor, of working with Troy Myatt at two different organizations over the past ten years.  While certainly beyond technically proficient in graphic design, what sets Troy apart from his peers is his uncanny ability to visualize and quickly produce a piece with the perfect tone.  He sees the finished product in his head long before it can even be explained.  And it’s almost always exactly what the client is looking for.

During our time at the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau I had the opportunity to watch Troy work with our limited budget and produce marketing materials that rivaled top-tier cities.  And typically, his creativity topped anything other outlets were doing at the time.  For instance, in an attempt to market Fort Worth to New York City media, Troy was instrumental in developing a campaign that brought a heard of longhorn and a NASCAR vehicle to the heart of Times Square.  The juxtaposition of Fort Worth against New York City was eye-opening, both through marketing materials and in-person at our event.

I later had the opportunity to hire Troy to work with me at the Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association (SWAPA).  The organization was decades behind in its look and branding.  I knew he could improve the organization’s communications materials and he did just that.  During his time here, he gave us a contemporary logo, strengthened our numerous publications, developed branding standards for all of our products, and revolutionized how we interact with our members and the public by introducing iPad-based communication vehicles.  His work continues to win awards and I truly value the time and effort he gave to SWAPA.

Troy is a true professional with an eye for how messages need to be conveyed.  It’s not always about the complexity of the design.  Largely, it’s just the opposite.  And that’s perfect.”

Neal Hanks
Director of Communications
Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association


“When offering my thoughts about Troy Myatt, there are no limits to the positive things I can say about him, his work and his unbelievably creative spirit.  Troy came to our organization with many others to fill a need, and he was the clear choice.  His ability to articulate a vision was something I really appreciated at that first meeting.  Since then, he has provided a tremendous service to the Association and its stakeholders; leaving a legacy of innovation and creativity for which any organization would be proud. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Troy and his product.  That product isn’t just the result of his creative mind, but the person he is that makes working alongside him a fantastic journey.  A true friend, a tireless servant putting the success of the project above him and a commitment to the crusade make him a much-valued asset. My professional relationship with Troy has grown into a personal one due in part to his indelible mark he has left on those from whom he works and partners.  I am thankful to know him and his expertise, both of which are a blessing.”

First Officer Jacob North
Communications Chair
Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association


“What Troy’s got you can’t teach, coach, coax or otherwise develop. Hardwired deep in his DNA, he possesses a mastery of type and color, a mandate to deliver simplicity in surprising ways and a sixth-sense understanding of how design affects the people who view it. Whether managing a team or pushing pixels himself, he never forgets that the ultimate goal is to move the business forward. And that, to me, makes him the rarest find of all.”

Steve Stevenson
Creative Director


“Troy was my direct supervisor at American Airlines Publishing and I found him to be consistently pleasant to work with. He was undoubtedly highly respected by everyone at the AA due to his work ethic and the scope of work he has done for the company. He pushed my creativity to a whole new level and gave me opportunities to get involved in big projects despite my short term of employment/internship there. I was grateful for this because it is a rare blessing to have a boss that recognizes your efforts and believes in you enough to keep pushing you to be better. I have been at both ends of the spectrum, as a supervisor as well as an employee. As the latter, I find myself more willing to go the extra mile when you know that your efforts are appreciated. This quality in Troy makes him a great leader and I would not doubt that he would make an invaluable asset to any organization.”

Anne Michelle Riles
Design Intern
American Airlines Publishing


“Troy consistently delivered travel industry marketing collateral that can easily be called bold, creative and expertly executed. During our time working together—years marked by particularly strong  development in the city of Fort Worth that provided great opportunities for destination marketing—Troy gained a great understanding for travel and tourism (and how to reach visitors and destination clients) and contributed the resources traditionally found in top advertising agencies. And I can say without reservation that his client, the Fort Worth CVB, was consistently satisfied with his work. From promotional brochures and planner’s guides to client invitations, presentations and Web site designs, Troy produced outstanding, award-winning work—on time and on budget. The greatest compliment that I can offer is to say that Troy’s work helped us achieve great results.  Visitors responded to the designs of our many promotional pieces, clients responded to the look of our marketing collatoral and our branding was established and implemented across the board.”

Greg Staley
Vice President of Communications
U.S. Travel Association


“Troy was an awesome design director to work for. His attention to detail is something that I can still remember to this day, and is something that I’ve carried over to my work. He was constantly pushing me to take my work one step further, and to try different things, past what I thought I could accomplish. He was a great encouragement to work with, a great influence to work around, and helped me realize my potential to be and do more with my design work.”

Trevor West
Designer / Web Developer
Sundaram Design


“Troy Myatt has worked on several projects for Corporate Magic and Jim Kirk Productions. In every case, Troy has come through with incredible work on a very timely basis. I will continue to hire him for projects moving forward and highly recommend him for others who are considering. I am happy to speak with anyone in person in more detail about my experiences with Troy.”

Jeff Kirk, General Manager
Corporate Magic, Inc.


“Troy Myatt is one of those rare graphic designers who can make a good idea great and a great idea spectacular. He’s not only an amazing designer; he has major conceptual chops and the ability to think strategically. I’ve worked with Troy on dozens of projects over the years, and the results have always been exceptional. I consider it a real privilege to work with him.”

Brian Pierce, Owner
Brian Pierce Marketing


“I consider my years as President & CEO of the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau as successful ones because of your talent and dedicated creativity as Creative Director of our destination marketing agency. One of the most important changes ever made at the Bureau was when we selected you to head this new internal function and it proved to be highly successful from all perspectives. I give you high marks for your technical competencies and your creativity, but most important was the way that you fit into our organization. You were always able to work well with everyone at the Bureau, outside agencies and you made the work of the Bureau shine and be successful. The results of your successful work are refected not only in numerous awards but also in the great admiration of the Bureau staff and in the respect that you have in the industry. I deeply regret not being able to work with you on a daily basis as I did in the many years that we worked closely together. For the sake of tourism, I hope that you continue your career in the industry.”

Doug Harman, Ph.D., CDME, TDMC
Harman Consulting


“Troy is a top-notch creative director and team player. He has an impeccable sense of style and creates clear, consistent, integrated branding campaigns across all media platforms. And he’s fun to work with.”

Jeff Salmon
Tourism & Sports Marketing Director
Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau


“I have had the privilege of knowing Troy Myatt for the last 8 years. I worked with Troy for over a year while at Abilene Christian University and had the pleasure of being in several classes with him. Troy is an experienced designer with great skills in creative conception and development. He has the ability to learn new technologies and to develop and design the proposed solutions. Troy is very detail oriented while keeping in tune with the larger picture of how a project fits into the strategy and direction of a company or organization. In the capacity as an Internet and technology consultant, I have worked for Troy in his roles at the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau and Toro National Support Network and found him to be extremely competent and easy to work with. In addition, he has worked for me as consultant in areas of design and matters of creative conception and the experience of working with Troy was one in which my expectations were exceeded. Troy is a person of his word. I recommend him as a friend and as a professional and feel anyone who sees his portfolio will find that his work speaks for itself.”

Monte Masters
Director of Technology Integration
Blockdot, Inc


“As you can imagine, Troy and his talent will be missed by all of AAP.  Although he’s been with us for just under two years, he has made a huge impact on the Custom and Nexos portfolio by streamlining processes, improving existing products and helping land and launch several new (and award-winning) publications including the Biltmore Hotel Magazine and Hilton Moments.  The profitability of the Custom group can be attributed, in part, to Troy and the outstanding job he has done to control art costs across the board while not compromising quality or the visual impact of the products in the portfolio.   I am not sure what we will do without all of the Star Wars collectables keeping watch over the office, but, ”May The Force Be With You” Troy.”

Susan Gordon
Vice President
American Airlines Publishing


“Troy has a gift that I noticed the first time we started working together and I am continually amazed at what he produces on a daily basis. He also has the unique ability to manage a project with a view from 35,000 feet but at the same time able to deal with the smallest of details. The consummate professional, I personally watched Troy put his heart and soul into everything we worked on and never rested until it was perfect. Troy truly is a special person with a special talent that cannot be explained or put into words. If you are in need of a Creative Director that can over deliver day in and day out, then Troy Myatt is your man.”

First Officer, William Fitzpatrick
Communications Committee
Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association


“As marketers, we’re constantly fighting deadlines, delivering the impossible and expecting even more from our staff. Now, imagine that you had a creative/art director who understands the job at hand, tackles challenging projects with gusto, delivers the project on time and on budget, has a full understanding of print/web demands and commands complete trust. You would have my dream creative, Troy. Since he first got his hands on a Macintosh back in the early 90s, Troy Myatt has elevated his skills from a solid graphic designer to a sophisticated, yet approachable award-winning art director. Addys? Yeah, he’s got a few. Recognized by his peers? He’s got the plaques to prove that, too. But the proof is really in the work, which contains the heart and soul of a communicator. I had the pleasure placing Troy in his first design position during college. With each new graphic design tool with which he became acquainted, a little more of the communicator within emerged. Now add to that the exposure he’s had to diverse business environments such as Apple Computer, NASA, Fort Worth Convention Visitor’s Bureau, Integration Control Systems and Services and The Toro Company. Not to mention the expansive client list he can provide.”

Todd Scott
Senior Marketing Manager
Mass Channel, VF Jeanswear